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Dreger family {Calgary Family Photographer}

This family is the very first twin newborn session I ever did 7 years ago! They, and their little sister, have grown so big since and I has been such a privilege to watch this family grow through photos each year!  Missing these fall colours as I look outside my window and only see brown...

Twin Boys | {Calgary High River Newborn Baby Photographer}

I posted these boys on facebook a while back, right after I got back form the workshop, but I didn’t get a chance to blog it yet, so here they are, the rest of them in all their cuteness!  They were such champs.  Soooooo tiny and the little one was a little feisty, but we...

Fall family sessions

I totally got swamped this past month and didn’t make the time to post my family sessions.  Here is an overview of the fall sessions that haven’t been blogged yet!  Cheers!

Dreger family

Remember these cuties? I had the opportunity to photograph them again.  They were so sweet and had such great temperaments. Tristyn didn’t mind when Jessica took nibbles out of her hand, 😉 and neither of them minded that we were dipping into nap time a little.  They were just such great sport with such doting...

Twins girls

Newborn twin girls + ruffles + headbands + a girly mom = a fun afternoon! These girls will be in ruffles and girly getups for the rest of their lives 😉 Their mom brought so many cute outfits, it was fun to play dressup all afternoon! Thanks Natalie for bringing your darling little girls over!