Family of 5 {Calgary Family Photographer}

So happy I had a chance to photograph this sweet family before the snow fell and the trees all died.  Pretty happy fall came back for an appearance again, but the trees aren’t looking as pretty as they were this day!  These kids were such hams and definitely had to be bribed for photos, but mama was pretty happy with the outcome of her family photos this year!  Already up on the wall!  I love hearing that!

Baby Mya – 7 days fresh {Calgary Newborn Photographer}

Baby Mya.  Such a sweet little bundle of love.  Her name is spelled the same as my Mya so that makes happy.  I wonder if she will have all the name nicknames my Mya has developed over the years too ;).  Welcome to the world baby Mya.  Thanks for being such a champ for your session!  Seriously, how sweet are those little dainty features???  #allthehearteyes

PS. Did you know it’s best to photograph babies in the first 10 days of life while they are still super sleepy and squishy?